Reception Table Setting: Chocolate Wonderland
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Reception Table Setting: Chocolate Wonderland

Do you and your husband-to-be share a serious passion for all things sweet? Turn your wedding reception into a confectionery dream with sugary eats and luscious treats that will keep guests coming back for more! Select a color palette of rich brown and creamy ivory for a look that will seem too good to eat.

Centerpieces. Although the main theme of this type of reception will center around the sweets and treats that are served, couples should make sure that they do not overwhelm the room or use too many edible items as decorative pieces. An easy way to avoid hosting an event that seems kitschy or over-the-top is to use a wedding cake favor box as each table's centerpiece. These cardboard cakes will not overwhelm the table and can be filled with candies for a take-home treat at the end of the night.

Place Settings. After laying out tablecloths, plates and silverware, brides can have a bit of fun with their reception place settings. Use a bag filled with gold foil Jordan almonds to dress up each plate. Instead of crowding each table with an assortment of treats, set up buffet-style bars throughout the reception area that contain a bevy of delicious candies and cakes. Set out a wide variety of items, like monogrammed petit fours, tuxedo and wedding dress cookies and personalized mini cheesecakes.

Favors. Send guests home with gourmet cupcake baking mixes so they can create their own treats to enjoy from the comfort of their couches! They'll be sure to think of your special day and the fun they had each and every time they use the mix.



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