Relax, it's your birthday!
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2

Relax, it's your birthday!

Anyone who has ever planned an adult birthday party knows that there are two types of events: gatherings that take little thought to pull together (a dinner or night out on the town) and more elaborate events that require a great deal of attention. Although it can sometimes be difficult to choose a birthday party theme for a grownup, there is one event that is appreciated universally by women worldwide and that goes over well for any celebration - a spa day.

While it can unfortunately be extremely expensive to venture to a spa with a large group of women, there are ways to cut costs by throwing a successful spa themed party at home, which gives the birthday girl a chance to spend her special day with all of her friends rather than a select few. Invitations for an at-home spa day party should include the date, time and general plan and might even list a small suggested donation (if you plan on hiring in-home help). Make sure to send out invitations for the event well in advance to give women a chance to clear their schedules.

Although decorations for the event can be very minimal, you'll need to clean out your home and should purchase several nail polish colors, large basins for soaking feet, face masks and extra towels. Use battery operated votive candles and pastel vases containing bright flower arrangements to set a tranquil spa mood and to make your home appear more open and inviting. Upon arrival, greet guests with personalized spa toiletry bags containing pink martini manicure sets and custom made monogrammed flip-flops, which can be used later on during the nail portion of the day.

Attendees will be thrilled to spend the day acting as teenagers would at a sleepover, applying facial masks, trimming nails and gossiping, and classic movies can even be played in the background of the event if appropriate. Hiring an in-house massage therapist or manicurist is an easy upgrade for this type of event and is surprisingly inexpensive when the cost is split over a large group of people. The food served should reflect the peaceful atmosphere of the day and should include a variety of homemade finger foods containing natural ingredients for easy circulation. A formal sit down dinner is also appropriate for this type of event as guests are likely to be hungry after a long day of relaxation!



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