Reliving your first date - with your entire engagement party
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Reliving your first date - with your entire engagement party

Now that you're wearing a diamond on your finger, you're probably more sure than you ever were before that you'll remember your first date for the rest of your life. But alas, an engagement calls for celebrating this fact with your nearest and dearest, so why not invite them all along to the recollection?

Many people struggle with planning an engagement party, mostly because these events are undermined by all the lip service we pay to weddings, bridal showers and honeymoons. But an engagement party doesn't have to have you all tied up in knots - after all, you'll be doing the tying at your wedding later on. Hosting a small, casual get-together with your inner circle of friends is the perfect solution to keep it fun and stress-free.

Not that you have to go all out, but an innocuous theme and a smattering of décor won't hurt for this occasion. Theming your party based on your first date is an excellent choice, especially since most couples kept it simple at their first meeting.

A coffee date could easily turn into a cafe-style shindig replete with tasty coffee samples from around the world, while a date over beers calls for a group trip to the bar. If you did happen to meet over a nice dinner, you don't have to break the bank taking everyone out to eat, but including some silver plated diamond ring napkin holders will help recreate a fancy environment.


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