Roll the dice with a casino night birthday party
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Roll the dice with a casino night birthday party

Do you have a birthday coming up? If you're trying to think of a unique party that can keep your friends happy and entertained throughout the evening, a casino night shindig could be right up your alley. With a little bit of preparation ahead of time, your guests can enjoy a rousing night full of cards, dice and chips. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, here are some tips to help make the most out of the party.

Your first step is to pick up a veritable mountain of chips. You can find inexpensive poker chips fairly easily. If you can get your hands on a length of green felt, try and find a few small tables to place it on. You can designate each as a different game - blackjack, poker, you name it! Try and commission a few friends to act as dealers. Throw a personalized pub sign on the wall and you'll have a beautiful home casino in no time.

Pick up a few different prizes for your friends to compete for. You can hold an auction at the end of the night or simply let the winner have first pick. Simple things like a mini classic gumball machine or personalized birthday lip butter are fun to win without making the stakes too high.

With a casino night party, you can be confident that your friends will stay entertained throughout. Be sure to set aside a small area for mingling in case a few guests would prefer to not play games, however. They'll appreciate the gesture and you'll have somewhere to go when the tables start to get too hot.



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