Saddle up to a cowboy-themed birthday bash
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Saddle up to a cowboy-themed birthday bash

If your little boy has a birthday coming up, you may be wondering what you can do to make the party a memorable occasion. There are plenty of themes out there that young men absolutely adore, so you should have no problem coming up with one. If your son fancies himself a sharpshooter, a cowboy-themed shindig may be just what you've been looking for! Not only are the supplies relatively easy to find but you can easily together a fun and exciting party for all who attend. Here are some tips to help ensure it's a celebration for the ages.

Naturally, you're going to want to deck out your house in theme-appropriate decorations. Head to the local florist and pick up some small cacti to place around your home - they're fairly inexpensive and will give that extra touch of authenticity you might be looking for. Hang red round paper lanterns around your home to cast everything in a warm sunset glow like the Wild West. A few mini lantern tealight holders may add a little extra something to the ambiance as well.

As far as activities go, if the weather is nice, set up cardboard boxes in your backyard to resemble an old Western town. Pick up a few plastic sheriff badges and some toy cap guns and let the kids go nuts! They'll have pretend shoot-outs and walk around like the cowboys of yore. There are plenty of great kids' movies about cowboys as well. While the kids eat cake, go ahead and screen something like Fievel Goes West. It's a classic children’s' movie that you can bet the little tykes will adore.

Make sure to hand out goodie bags filled with wonderful party favors as your guests walk out! Cupcake brownie favor pops are a tasty way to memorialize the occasion, and customized cartoon cookies are fun and delightful. Feel free to give out any extra sheriff stars and cap guns that you may have after the party - you might even be able to find miniature cowboy hats for everybody! Every little boy dreams of being a fiercely independent cowboy, and now you can help make it a reality, at least for one day.


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