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Sarah Harding pulls off a dazzling gothic engagement party

Whoever said that everything wedding-related had to be done in all white? Sarah Harding showed us otherwise, and we're sure glad we were paying attention.

The Girls Aloud star threw a classy engagement party to herald her wedding, which will be based around a gothic theme. According to the Daily Mail, Harding's idea marital shindig will pay homage to her new favorite film, Black Swan.

Hosted at the upscale Brompton Club in London, the style of the affair was best exemplified by Harding herself, who showed up in a sophisticated black dress with a '40s pin-up hairstyle.

Even if your dream wedding doesn't involve heavy velvet drapes befitting a vampire movie set, there are fresh, contemporary ways to incorporate a hint of darkness into your wedding décor. Using black satin ribbons to accent flower bouquets or table centerpieces will add a lovely balance of color, and you can offer guests classy formal black custom mint tins to really bring out the sleekness of the surroundings.
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