Savory cakes could be the next sweet thing
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Savory cakes could be the next sweet thing

If you thought that outlandish wedding cake designs and alarmingly-high stacks of fondant were where we set the bar in terms of wedding desserts, you may be in for a rather savory surprise. Some couples are opting for cakes that venture into the other realm of flavors, straying farther and farther from traditionally sugary recipes.

"There's a vicious rumor that sugar is killing us, and the last thing you want is your wedding cake – that sweet confection of love – to be an engine of death," as MSN's puts it.

According to the news source, these newfangled cakes have run the gamut from cheesecakes with red pepper and fresh herbs to cakes made of uncooked pasta, with all kinds of cakes made of pork, pickles and cheese in between.

And yes, for the slightly less adventurous, there's a delicious middle ground as well. If you're putting on a production with your wedding cake, you can give a nod here and there to this confectionery masterpiece by offering guests personalized wedding cake cookies or lace wedding cake candles as favors.


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