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Serve up a slice of gender-reveal cake

Many couples are taking the increasingly popular gender-reveal baby shower theme one step further - they're serving up the surprise in the form of a cake.

This means everyone, including the expecting couple, will find out their baby's gender the moment they serve up the dessert. Rather than having their doctor divulge the news, the couple asks to have the information sealed in an envelope, which they then pass on to whomever's planning the party or to their local baker. The pastry chef creates a cake that's gender-neutral on the outside but is either blue or pink on the inside. The result is arguably the most exciting slice of cake you'll ever have.

Of course, all this commotion is likely to only whet everyone's appetite. Serve up other sweet treats such as baby petit fours to indulge the collective sweet tooth. A custom color fortune cookie slipped into each guest's goody bag is the perfect finale to an exciting day - they can think of it as their own personal prophetic treat.