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Should you throw a shower for baby number two?

If you have a friend or family member who's expecting baby number two, you may be a bit baffled about what's customary. Should you still throw the mom-to-be a shower even though it's likely that she's already had one for her first child?

Though she may have all of her big ticket items (like a crib, a stroller and a car seat) left over from her first baby, a second shower is a sweet gesture that celebrates her bundle of joy and allows friends and family to provide a few extra items for the impending arrival.

Many things, like onesies and crib linens, become worn out quickly and it's likely that your friend will appreciate receiving duplicates. In addition, if the baby is not the same sex as the first child, gender-specific items will be a must.

When planning the baby shower, make sure that you encourage her to create a gift registry so that guests will know exactly what to purchase for her growing family. A simple theme and sweet baby shower favors will complete the occasion.