Simple ways to throw a backyard wedding reception
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Simple ways to throw a backyard wedding reception

There's a certain appeal to having a wedding reception in your own backyard - sure, it may not be as lavish as a private site, but the money you save could be enough to make you feel a lot better about it. It's also nice to spend time in a space that you're comfortable with - you'll immediately feel at home, because you are home! And just because you aren't in a lavish botanical garden doesn't mean you have to sacrifice aesthetic beauty. Here are a few simple tips to turn your backyard into a gorgeous reception site in no time at all.

The best way to keep the yard well-lit is to install criss-cross ribbed lanterns in the trees. Not only will they add a festive burst of color during the day, but they look wonderful at night as they cast a warm glow over the reception site. While you're at it, why not place a white wedding bird cage card holder at the reception's entrance? It's a quick and convenient way for your friends and family to drop off their cards, and it does the job all while looking great!

If you're feeling tenacious, you could pick up a personalized photo backdrop and set aside a small area where everyone can go to have their pictures taken. This is a wonderful way to memorialize your wedding in the memories of those who attended for years to come. When up against the backdrop of your own home, these photos will quickly become cherished mementos.

You can even sprinkle freeze-dried rose petals throughout the reception tables to add a nice natural touch to the proceedings. And when your guests leave, be sure to give each and every one a bag filled with wonderful goodies. Something simple like love birds salt and pepper shakers are sure to go over well, though you can give them something a little tastier by including a few mini wedding brownie favor pops. Be sure to throw in a few things that remind them of you two as a couple - after all, the reception is being held at your home, so don't be afraid to put your personalities in wherever you see fit!



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