Something old, something new for your wedding plans
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2

Something old, something new for your wedding plans

Throughout time, brides have counted on old, new, borrowed (and occasionally blue) items to ensure the success of their wedding day (and marriage).

A little-known hint regarding the origin of this classic mantra? The phrase actually comes from an old Victorian poem, and the meaning is hardly different from what we know it as today. Each artifact brings good luck to the bride, and used together the pieces are thought to be the best route to a happy wedding.

Brides have been advised to carry old as well as new items to symbolize a strong tie to their families as well as optimism for their new lives. Traditionally, the borrowed object should be from a happily married friend or relative, whose luck is thought to carry over to the bride. As for blue? Before white came into the picture, blue was the traditional wedding color, symbolizing purity and loyalty.

To turn this age-old adage into a workable theme for your wedding, brides can turn to wedding favors after completing the checklists for their walks down the aisle. This trick is fun because it's so customizable.

Old, new, and borrowed can take on a different meaning for each bride, and this can offer the opportunity to bring a personal touch into your wedding decor. To evoke a Victorian mood, you could even try giving guests blue wedding fans.


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