Spa shower for brides-to-be!
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Spa shower for brides-to-be!

Although a soon-to-be wed couple typically looks forward to spending their wedding day showered with gifts and attention, the bride-to-be gets to enjoy two other events that celebrate her exclusively. The bachelorette party, or "stag night," is a traditionally rowdy event that finds a future bride celebrating the last night of single life with her closest friends. The other occasion is more family friendly, however, giving ladies an opportunity to celebrate their special day with family members and friends of all ages and walks of life - the traditional bridal shower!

Establishing a theme for the shower can make it easier for hosts to plan and carry out the day without a hitch. One popular theme is the spa day, which gives brides and her closest friends an opportunity to relax and rest before the big events of the wedding day. Hosts can choose to hold this type of party at a local spa or salon, but may wish to hold a DIY event at home to cut down on costs.

Decorating for a spa-shower at home is easy and inexpensive. Hosts should set up several beauty stations throughout their home, clearing out a room to act as the location of the spa area. One section of the room should have several feet soaking bowls set up with warm water and french bath salts. Another section should have manicure sets and several colors of nail polish to give guests an opportunity to perform their own manicures and pedicures.

Hosts should serve a variety of finger foods, cheeses and wines to feed guests throughout the day of pampering. Custom made monogrammed flip flops make for an excellent party favor for this type of event and can be used by guests around the house while they are waiting for their toes to dry.


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