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Spread the love with a Valentine's-themed baby shower

If you've got your fingers crossed that your little one will be born on cupid's holiday, a Valentine's Day-themed baby shower may be just what you need to get into the spirit.

Your baby will feel the love with all the heart-shaped decorations and flowers you can use to make your event look special. Red and pink streamers should get the message across, while soft white candles and tea lights scattered about will look just lovely.

Instead of bringing cards, have guests make each other Valentines - that way, the attention isn't just on you, and everyone will feel the love.

The best thing about Valentine's Day is that it gives yet another excuse to indulge your sweet tooth, so remember to purchase a number of platters featuring baby shower cookies, brownie favor pops and other delectable treats. Guests will definitely appreciate personalized chocolate bars, which can double as both a baby shower favor and a sweet Valentine's chocolate gift.
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