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Spring bridal showers: skip the gloves, but not the finger food

April and May might just inspire you to break out the tea sets and set up a garden fete, but that doesn't mean you have to bring all the trappings of old luxury along with you. For now, you can skip the gloves, but do lay out the finger food for your upcoming spring bridal shower.

"April and May often mean there's a bridal shower [or] brunch or two on the social calendar ahead of the June wedding season," writes MSNBC. "Finger food [is] perfect for a spring bridal brunch."

You don't have to hire a catering service to whip up several platters of delicious hors d'oeuvres that will have everyone sneaking back to the buffet every few minutes. Pigs in a blanket, mussels and little croissants are a classic staple in any finger food set-up, but you can get creative with miniature sandwiches and tiny scoops of icecream as well.

When all's said and done, however, all that light snacking will have only created the perfect appetite for dessert. Mini wedding brownie favor pops and monogrammed petit fours will satisfy many a sweet tooth in delicate bite-size form.
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