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Sweet summer wedding style

The summer is an excellent time to host an elaborate outdoor affair and weddings are no exception! Even though there is still a month of sweet summer left, hosting a wedding celebration takes months of planning and next summer is the best time for recently engaged couples to wed. This will give the excited bride and groom a year to pull the entire event together, which seems like a long time, but will actually fly by. If you're looking for some early planning advice, here are some tips and tricks that can help jump start your imagination!

Using bold and bright color patterns during the summer is a fun way to highlight the quirky side of a couple who is looking to stray from more traditional affairs. Although outdoor weddings aren't held inside an actual room that can be decorated, there is still a lot that you can do to make the space look festive and fun for the wedding day. Oval paper lanterns in the colors of your wedding party can be used to light up the aisle if the vows will be exchanged after dusk and are a great way to add pops of color throughout the venue during the day. Brightly colored wedding program fans can dress up the audience and keep guests cool on a hot summer day. Instead of sending the bride and groom off with a handful of rice, summer weddings that will end after dark can play around a little bit by giving guests contemporary heart shaped wedding sparklers that will make for great photo opportunities and may even warm their hearts.

One difference between summer receptions and events during other months is the style of items used, as hot weather generally inspires brides to select floral designs. The table decorations used to make the wedding day dinner special is one element of a reception that allows couples to really play around and have fun. For a summer event, try using topiary place card holders that look like mini trees and can be taken home as party favors by guests at the end of the night. Contemporary square glass vases will look great as table centerpieces when filled with a variety of brightly colored wildflowers and will help couples cut down on the cost of the wedding itself by creating their own unique designs.
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