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Switch things up with a month of the year bridal shower

The themed bridal shower has been around for ages. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with hanging a few similar decorations while you celebrate your friend's impending nuptials, why not switch things up a little bit? A month of the year bridal shower, which will likely include some contemporary square glass vases and mini round lantern string lights, is bound to be a hit!

You may be asking yourself: what is a month of the year party? Well, it's really quite simple. Instead of having everyone bring an ordinary gift, guests are assigned a specific month of the year and are required to determine what type of present best represents it.

So, if you were given June, for instance, perhaps you'd be well-suited to purchase an engraved glass vase to hold some beautiful summer flowers. For December? Some personalized terry cloth spa slippers will do the trick.

As the final cherry on top of your unique bridal shower, make sure you have bridal shower favors, like mini vanilla heart candle tins or personalized wedding wine glasses, in order to ensure every guest remembers the party. 
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