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Take your bridal shower to the spa

Planning a party isn't always a relaxing affair, but ladies organizing a shower for their newly engaged friend can circumvent the issue by taking the affair directly to the spa.

Whether you coordinate your event at a professional establishment or recreate a few luxuries in the comfort of your own home, having a full range of treatments as well as plenty of delicious cocktails for sipping are the main staples for a spa day success.

Some basics may involve manicures and pedicures, facials and masks, a hair and scalp treatment and perhaps even a massage. Make sure to have plenty of tea lights casting a soothing glow on the room as well as a jazz soundtrack playing in the background.

Your friends will not only take home a renewed sense of relaxation from the shower, but an exciting array of bridal shower favors as well. Personalized spa toiletry bags, personalized terry cloth spa slippers and a monogrammed spa caddy will encourage more pampering for years to come.
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