The stars are aligned for William and Kate
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

The stars are aligned for William and Kate

That's right - the star-crossed couple have quite the royal flush on their hands.

CEO Hilary Young of told the San Francisco Chronicle that Prince William and Kate Middleton are in for a "romantic adventure" based on insight she gleaned from the astrology of their engagement.

Young said in her blog that she hadn't yet done a thorough analysis of their astrological birth charts, but based on a quick review, they are "truly a good combo" with their opposing Cancer-Capricorn suns and both of their moons in Cancer.

The engagement itself looks like it's in for relatively few snags. "This delightful couple will actually be able to organize their wedding without coming across as bride(or groom)zilla," writes Young.

For a wedding theme that's out of this world, any kind of sparkly or glittery wedding favors will do, especially if they're paired with star-shaped wine bottle stoppers. Depending on the crowd, guests may also enjoy personalized scrolls with horoscopes on them - predicting nothing but a good time, of course.


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