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This year's top baby names go to Sophia and Aiden

BabyCenter just released its top 100 baby names of 2010, and it looks as though Aiden and Sophia have led the pack this year.

The website examined about 350,000 names to deliver its verdict, which finds almost all of last year's favorites are still top contenders, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Aiden has enjoyed his top spot for boy's names for six straight years, while most of the top ten on the girls' list stayed the same, except for its newest addition Abigail, which crept in at number 10. Sophia reigns supreme this year after climbing from fifth place, reports the news source.

Inspired by all the commotion, but not interested in simply following the herd?

Names are a great topic of focus at baby showers, and you can have your guests participate in the process if you haven't already decided for yourself. Have guests play some baby name bingo or vote and create their own top ten - that way you'll still have the best of popular opinion from the people you trust the most.