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Throw a 'best of' bridal shower with those who know her best

So your best friend just got engaged, and you have to celebrate. But chances are you don't want to throw her just any old bridal shower, you need to spice things up a little. With the right theme and some personalized hot chocolate or personalized cookie mix favors, you can give the bride-to-be a celebration fit for the occasion.

One theme that has been popular lately is a "best of" shower. For this shindig, make sure you keep the guest list to only people who know the bride the best. Once you determine who's coming, assign each guest a category, whether it be music, movies, food or any other topic you can think of.

Then, tell them to bring a gift that they think will be most well suited to the guest of honor's likes. For example, if they're big into musicals, whoever got the movies category might what to pick up "Singin' in the Rain" and "The Sound of Music" on DVD. Good times are bound to had by all! 
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