Throw a chic celebration on the cheap
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Throw a chic celebration on the cheap

Although parents often spend a great deal of time planning, organizing and executing their children's birthday parties, it is less common for adults to spend the same energy on themselves. While a fancy dinner and night on the town can be an exciting way to spend your special day, these types of celebrations can get expensive - especially in groups that have several friends with close birthdays!

If you're looking to save some cash while throwing a high-end birthday bash, there are ways to plan an unforgettable night in your home for less than the cost of a full-on affair. Hosting a dinner party in your house is an easy and fun way to gather friends and family members together for a night they won't soon forget! To get started, send out fancy invitations to guests asking them to bring along their favorite side dish and noting that a festive dress code will be strictly enforced.

Utilize a black-and-white theme to dress up your dining area in a classic way, with black table cloths covering each seating area and contrasting with bone white place-settings and linens. To get guests excited about the events that are to come, place a damask party favor bag on each tray with a small token of appreciation inside, like a bag of candies or cookies that can be taken home and enjoyed later. You can also fill mini cocktail shakers with your favorite candies to be placed on each table for your guests to snack on in between courses.

The biggest part of your preparation for the day should be spent focusing on the food that will be served. Although hosting a pot-luck style event will help reduce costs, you'll still need a fantastic main dish to keep guests satisfied! Look through easy DIY recipe books or consult with your closest friends to find an easy feasting item to bring to the table on your special day. Using personalized birthday wine labels to custom create your own wine bottles is a fun way to change up the traditional beverages served - just make sure to take note of the actual name of each wine served in case someone asks!

At the end of your fancy dinner party, serve up custom homemade cupcakes served in patterned wrappers for a treat that's sweet and fun to eat. Your guests will love the results of the specialized time you spent in planning your day!



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