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Throwing a classy, low-key hen party a la Kate Middleton

It's that time on the royal wedding countdown - you know, where William and Kate celebrate without one another for one last time before they call it official. They're called stag and hen parties across the pond, but according to The Telegraph, Kate's bachelorette shindig was way quieter than any chicken coop we've ever seen.

"She has already had her hen night, but it was certainly very low-key," a source told the news outlet. Kate apparently never racked up a reputation for being wild or belligerent, so it's no big surprise that her soiree was as poised and dignified as any future Royal should be.

With all that in mind, how can the ladies of today follow Kate's example for a sophisticated bachelorette party - one that's arguably way out of step with the times of today?

For one, don't host it at a bar (or a party bus, for that matter), and if you do, choose a classy establishment that will serve you fine concoctions that would delight any connoisseur's tastebuds. And here's another idea - perhaps you should ditch the naughty-themed bachelorette party favors for some personalized wedding wine glasses, damask manicure sets and personalized bath salt favors.
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