Throwing a fun baby shower (with or without the wine coolers)
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Throwing a fun baby shower (with or without the wine coolers)

It's customary at most social gatherings to serve a bit of hard drink, but when the guest of honor herself is abstaining, the rules are not so clear. Baby showers, after all, are focused on the pregnancy, and that's sort of why there's no alcohol allowed in the first place. So does that make it a do or a don't for the rest of the guest list?

"Over the weekend, I attended my first baby shower of the year, and I hate to say it, but the party was awkward," Katie Sweeney writes on "No alcohol was served, and the hostess proclaimed that since the guest of honor 'couldn't have any fun and drink, none of us should.' This declaration definitely put a damper on the mood."

There's no harm in letting your guests indulge in a couple glasses of wine, but regardless of what you decide, you don't need to rely on the bubbly to throw a baby shower that's fun for everyone involved.

Many hosts come up with baby shower trivia games to engage all the guests and get everyone even more excited about the new arrival (could there be such a thing?). If your guests are more of a "in it to win it" kind of crowd, consider adding some special delivery stork baby shower scratcher game tickets to everyone's goody bag - with a grand prize for whoever wins!


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