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Throwing Houdini a righteous birthday bash: Escapism at its best

You may have noticed the special tribute that Google payed to the late Harry Houdini (check out the Barnum and Bailey-esque logo if you're not sure what we mean). How would you celebrate the world's favorite escape artist's would-be 137th birthday?

First off, decor is of the essence, and you wouldn't want to fall short of orchestrating the most opulent circus ambiance your resources would allow. Set up the room with heavy velvet curtains, streamers featuring fake trapeze artists and tables draped in black. The latter will create a podium-like effect for all your snacks and goodies. If you really want to go the extra mile, attach a plastic head and pair of feet to either end of the table and clunk a big saw in the middle.

As for fun, there's plenty to be had. Put your guests to the true Houdini test by having a competition to see who can escape from the most binding arrangements.

Then, send guests home with personalized candy jars to see how many sweets can escape from beneath the lid.