Tips to ensure your bridal shower is eco-friendly
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Tips to ensure your bridal shower is eco-friendly

It's not easy being green! If you're trying to put together a bridal shower, you might be wondering what you can do to lessen its impact on the earth. After all, you're going to end up with a big pile of paper, not to mention all of the invitations and any favors that you may want to hang out. However, just because you're trying to be eco-friendly doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the best parts of a bridal shower. In fact, you can put together a great shindig that's also good for the environment without much issue. Here are some tips to make it happen.

1. Invitations. If you're planning on mailing out invitations, you may be surprised how much paper you end up using. One way to cut back on how much you need to use is simply by sending out emails instead. These days, there are plenty of websites that can help you throw a party without having to use a single piece of paper! However, there's something to be said about a physical invite - you can send out your invitations in natural sinamay envelopes that are easily and safely disposed of.

2. Decorations. A lot of party decorations are made from plastic that may not be easily recycled. But a bridal shower isn't complete without a bit of visual flair! The solution? Decorate your space with plantable heart-shaped confetti - not only will it add delightful bursts of color to the party, but at the end of the day you can simply take them out back and plant them, knowing that they're fully biodegradable.

3. Favors. Instead of using traditional party favors that may or may not be good for the environment, hand out eco-friendly goodies that everyone can enjoy! Put a mini lucky bamboo plant in a natural woven drawstring sac and you're good to go! You can throw a few extra treats into the mix if you'd like, such as natural bamboo favor coasters or bird seed party favors. No matter what you decide, you can rest assured knowing that putting together an environmentally conscious shower is entirely possible, which might give you the peace of mind to celebrate with all your energy!


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