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Tis the stuff of memories: scrapbooking baby showers

If you're envisioning an upcoming baby shower you've been designated to plan and you can't see beyond everyone sitting in a circle and watching the lady of honor open up her gifts, you need a tip or two to get you thinking in terms of a more interactive event.

The best baby showers have something for everyone, which is why - provided you're all into scissors and glue - hosting a scrapbooking party is such a popular choice these days.

Tell guests to bring whatever supplies they can muster, but aim to provide enough fancy paper, scissors, and cut-outs for all. That way, if one of your friends has a special keepsake item they want to incorporate into their designs, they will be able to do so quite easily.

Once you're all together, you can each build a two-page spread for the mother-to-be to launch her own pregnancy album. Give guests mini photo album favors in return for all of their hard work.
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