Top 3 ways to plan a budget conscious wedding
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Top 3 ways to plan a budget conscious wedding

As little girls, women often dream about their wedding days. They picture the loving groom and a room full of friends and family. What they don’t dream about is the budget.

But when it comes time to plan a real wedding, many brides are more concerned about their bank balances then their color palettes.

Here are three ways to ensure that you come in under budget on your big day.

1. Keep the guest list small. This is often more difficult than it sounds, but do your best to avoid inviting people simply because you feel obligated. Even five or six extra guests can put you over budget.

2. Pick your priorities. If you must have gorgeous flowers, you may have to skimp on the open bar. Similarly, if live music is essential to you and your partner, consider searching for a more affordable venue.

3. Plan ahead. By taking your time you can price out your wedding options and search for the best deal. This will also allow you to select the perfect wedding details, like lovely wedding favors and trendy place cards, without spending a ton of cash at once.


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