Top 3 ways to plan a memorable bridal shower
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Top 3 ways to plan a memorable bridal shower

When your best friend announces that she's tying the knot, your first reaction is likely to be joy. But, as her close pal, you may soon start stressing about all of the responsibilities that will fall on your shoulders.

Don't let anxiety ruin this fun time! Here are three ways to make any bridal shower fun, memorable and stress-free.

1. Make sure the theme of the bridal shower complements her wedding.
As her close friend, you're sure to be privy to the wedding planning process. Throw a bash that's consistent with the big day: use her wedding colors for details such as decorations and unique bridal shower favors.

2. Do something fun.
Don't let the shower be dull! Plan the first half of the event at a fun venue, then meet up for the traditional bridal shower activities later. A wine tasting or a few hours at the spa will relax guests and pamper the bride-to-be.

3. Coordinate your gifts.
Lingerie and kitchen appliances may be the norm at bridal showers but consider pooling all of your resources for a more unique and customized gift. Has she always wanted to go sky diving? Pay for her to take the plunge. Does she wish she was a better cook? Buy her a few lessons. The wedding is about her marriage, but the bridal shower should center on her! 
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