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Top ways to present wedding favors

Weddings would hardly be memorable without your guests, and figuring out a way to make them feel special often counts as an important step in any couple's planning process.

While it's certainly not necessary to break your budget on wedding favors, a small token of appreciation is usually all that's necessary to get the thought across. However, it's not hard (or expensive) to dress up small gifts to create an elaborate presentation to make your guests feel special.

Boxes traditionally convey the aesthetic of a gift and can create great feelings of anticipation regarding their contents. Bring birthday and holiday memories to the forefront of your guests' minds with rectangular embossed favor boxes, two piece square favor boxes or polka dot favor boxes.

Bags or sachets can be equally enticing, but can figure into your overall décor with a more natural, organic aesthetic. Use sheer organza bags, organza drawstring favor pouches or personalized satin drawstring favor bags.

Whichever vessel you choose, it's sure to provide a stunning complement to your table centerpieces and can even serve as placecards for guests.