Tots, tears and tantrums - how to survive planning a birthday party for your little one
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Tots, tears and tantrums - how to survive planning a birthday party for your little one

If you're dreading the thought of 20-plus running, kicking, screaming children running amok in your newly decorated home, you're not alone. However, just remember that your child's birthday party will be one of the most memorable moments of his or her young life.

Of course, not every home is built for a preteen birthday party. Luckily, there are plenty of other venues where you can host the event. For instance, a bowling alley, a public park or a best friend's backyard are great places to start. In addition, the party doesn't have to begin and end at the same location. You could take the children to a bowling alley and follow it up with a trip to see a popular animated children's movie.

To start, let your child feel like the center of attention. If it's a girl, give her a princess tiara and customize it with her own name on it. If it's a boy, you could him a brand new action figure to show off to his friends.

If there's one thing that you can always bank on, it's that kids' birthday parties and pizza go together like frosting on cake. But in addition, you should offer them some treats, such as personalized birthday cookies.

Kids get jealous of everything. Either one will complain his pizza slice is smaller than the others, or she whines that her pony ride was one minute shorter than everyone else's. So if you bring out the cake, this unwarranted feeling of favoritism amongst certain children may come about. Instead offer the kids mini cupcake brownie favor pops - they're all the same size to the naked eye, so no one can complain and everyone will enjoy the delicious taste.

Some kids won't be able to consume all that candy and cake you gave them. If you have plastic bags or mini boxes, store them into stuffed animal doggie bags and let each one of the children take one home. Additionally, you can insert little toys, mini classic gumball machines and action figures into the bags. Give the other s something to go home with. It serves as a 'thank you' to the other children and their parents.

Remember, moms and dads will want to know exactly what time to bring and pick up their children, as well as where they may go. Do not stray from the original plans of the party unless you consult every parent and ensure the safety of every child.

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