Treats, sweets and showers
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Treats, sweets and showers

There is nothing sweeter than a candy-themed baby shower - especially one that quells the candy cravings of a new mom-to-be. Incorporating sugary treats and other sweets into every aspect of a shower is easier than you might think.

Invitations. Pasting the actual baby-shower invitation to the outside of a gourmet cupcake baking mix with instructions to bring a baked good is a fun way to get guests excited about being involved in the party preparation.

Decorations. Once decorated, the shower venue should resemble Willy Wonka's candy emporium - with endless displays of cakes and confections awaiting each guest's arrival. Tablecloths, streamers and balloons should be brightly colored with Chinese takeout boxes filled with candy as table centerpieces. A separate dessert buffet with plenty of room for guest's baked goods should run along one wall of the room and could even contain a chocolate fountain with fruit for dipping.

Food & Drink. Although everyone is sure to love snacking on sweets, you don't want party guests to leave with a stomach ache, so serving a simple, candy free meal is wise. If you are not planning on serving a meal, this should be clearly stated on the invitation so guests don't arrive with empty stomachs. Make sure there is plenty of water available by stocking up on personalized baby bottled water bottles or plastic cups.

Games. Several popular baby shower games incorporate sweets and can be played for a bit of fun at the party. Ask guests to guess which candy bar is melted into a diaper or host a taste testing contest for unlabeled jars of sweet baby foods. The "Pregnancy, how sweet it is" trivia game is perfect for a candy-themed shower, as it requires guests to match pregnancy words with related candy names.

Favors. Send guests home with candy filled gift bags (either pre-made or self served from the candy bar) and custom boxed baby shower truffles for sweet reminders of the day.


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