Triple your fun: Three party games that will keep kids entertained
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2

Triple your fun: Three party games that will keep kids entertained

Preparing a few games to keep kids busy during a birthday party can go a long way in securing a Mom of the Year award and can make the party a huge hit for kids and parents alike. Here are three unique party game ideas that can help turn your kids' next bash into a ball.

1. Treasure hunt. Sending party guests on an elaborate wild goose chase is an easy way for kids to burn off cupcake-induced sugar rushes and is sure to make your party the talk of the town. To prepare for this game you will first need to select the treasure that will be hunted - we recommend filling party gift bags with various kid-friendly favors like mini classic gumball machines and baby piggy banks. You will also need to decide how many teams there will be based on the number of children that attend and you should prepare age-appropriate clues before the party, using different colored envelopes for each team. Hide the gift bags and clues inside the house for smaller kids or around town for older ones and make sure the clues work by sending a parent on a test-run of the hunt.

2. Fashion show. Throwing a princess-themed fashion show party is an easy way to host a day of birthday fun for little girls. Stock up on dresses and jewelry by visiting a local thrift store and purchase inexpensive makeup kits for each little lady attending. The actual runway can be easily constructed by placing a long piece of fabric down the middle of a room (red carpet style) with chairs on either side and an open space at the end for paparazzi photographs. On party day, hand out 'swag bags' containing themed crafts and a princess party favor and then let the fashion show preparation begin.

3. Fortune cookie truth or dare. Ordering custom color cookies with the words truth or dare written on the fortune paper inside is a fun way to mix up the traditional party game - with guests each selecting a cookie and then committing to answer a question truthfully or to complete a dare. This game is great for middle and high school birthday sleepovers and is sure to be a hit.



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