Turn the clocks back with '20s wedding
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Turn the clocks back with '20s wedding

Everyone has attended a decade-themed party at least once in their life, but we're willing to bet it was an '80s or '90s affair. If you're looking to host a memorable wedding sometime soon, why not bump it back a few years? No we don't mean the '70s or '60s, we mean all the way back to the Roaring 20s - a time like no other.

Injecting some Prohibition era class into your reception can be a good move, and provide your guests with a unique experience they won't see anywhere else (just try not to take the whole no alcohol thing too literally). But a '20s-inspired reception doesn't just happen by accident, it takes planning.

Make sure your wedding invitations hearken back to the days of speakeasies by taking the liberty to include a password to get in. Decorations need to be replete with elegant silver, and for music, you'd be miss not to mix in some classic '20s jazz to set the mood.

As for personalized wedding favors, you'll want to make sure you capture the essence of the decade. Cherry blossom silk hand fans and personalized white tote bags will do the trick.


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