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Vanessa Minnillo content with engagement ring for now

In the mad rush to the aisle, couples often forget to savor the process of tying the knot. It's been about three months since Nick Lachey proposed to Vanessa Minnillo, but the couple is no rush to set a wedding date and prefers to enjoy their fiance status for the time being.

"Everyone rushes to the next step and I like this step," Minnillo told People.com. I'm in love and we're happy, so when it comes and it happens organically I will welcome it with open arms."

Of course, while Minnillo waits to trade her ring in for a dress, she's got plenty of other exciting events to look forward to.

If her pals haven't already thrown her a bachelorette bash, she should be gearing up for a pretty fantastic bridal shower. Perhaps her friends will treat the already gorgeous bride-to-be with a spa-themed girl's day out, featuring manis, pedis, facials and all the works.

Personalized spa toiletry bags, terry cloth spa slippers and monogrammed spa caddies would make excellent bridal shower favors to cap off the extravaganza.
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