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Wedding cake ideas to get your creative juices flowing

Weddings are often so involved that there's a whole industry devoted to taking the burden off your shoulders, but if there's one facet of your affair you'll want a say in, it's the show-stopping wedding cake that will be domineering your banquet table.

Brides can have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to wedding cakes, not least of which can include tiered cakes blooming with fresh flowers, square cakes stacked like gifts, cakes topped with abundant fruit as well as cakes accentuated with ribbons and other embellishments.

This is less common with weddings than other events, but couples can also opt to have their cakes shaped like an object or a famous character, or a themed cake with flashing lights and motorized parts.

Even if you choose a more traditional path, you can also include mini cake favors for guests to keep the sweetness going beyond dessert hour. Personalized wedding cake cookies and personalized two tier mini cakes will satisfy any sweet tooth.
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