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Wedding dress trends for 2011 (and the decor to match)

Just because weddings tend to be steeped in tradition doesn't mean that the trends and styles that feature in many ceremonies don't continually evolve year after year. In 2011, wedding dresses in particular will feature both classic and alternative designs, a theme which can easily carry over into the rest of the decor.

Among Wedding Dresses Magazine's "12 Wedding Dress Trends for 2011" are cap sleeves, ballroom skirts, "light fabrics, such as tulle and organza," "gorgeous vintage and alternative styles" and "exaggerated floral details that look like they're in full bloom."

No matter what kind of ensemble you put together for your wedding this year, it's often helpful to think of the big picture, and counting your dress as part of your overall decor is a smart way to get your whole event looking cohesive and put-together.

Try to capitalize on one or more of these trends by opting for decorations that feature light, airy textures and vintage themes. Pre-made wedding bows are perfect for tacking on aisle runners, tables and more.
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