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Wedding economics: Host a prep party with your friends

It's never uncommon to find soon-to-be-wed couples looking to trim a few dollars off their budgets. Weddings have always been expensive, and in these economic times, who wouldn't want to be the wiser?

That being said, just because you're cutting corners doesn't mean you have to cut out the fun. ABC affiliate KTBS recommends scrapping the wedding planner and inviting a few of your nearest and dearest to help you get your decor in place.

"Have a 'prep party' where you get together to put together things like table centerpieces, wedding favors, decorations and the like," the news source advises. "This is the sort of task a wedding planner would be happy to handle - for a steep price."

Supplies don't have to be expensive, but if you wanted to splurge on wedding decorations and wedding favors, you'll have more in your budget since you won't be paying anyone to put them together for you. Stock up on plenty of pretty round paper lanterns, pre-made wedding bows and contemporary square glass vases that you can dress up to your liking.
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