Wedding etiquette for the mother of the bride
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Wedding etiquette for the mother of the bride

All too often, the process of planning a wedding may appear on the surface to be a "me, me, me" affair. But look a little closer, and you'll find that there's a whole network of team players involved, and a successful endeavor requires all to be on their best behavior.

That, of course, precludes bride-zilladom, but a mother of the bride needs to practice some patience and a lot of mindfulness lest she get her fingers caught too far in the cogs or try to micromanage everything down to the last detail.

"Don't ever lose sight of the ultimate goal of this whole process - the launching of a magnificent new love," New York Times best-selling author Susan Wiggs told ABC affiliate KNXV. "If you're doing something that doesn't nudge you toward that goal, like shrieking over the cost of vegan cupcakes, stop and take a breath. And above all, leave the Spanx at home. Nobody will think less of you if you forget to put on your Spanx."

That being said, it is important to gently steer your daughter lest she get frazzled when picking out decor and wedding favors. If you fear that she might skimp on the latter, do what you can to make sure guests don't leave empty handed by picking out charming wedding soap favors or edible favors that all can enjoy. After all, if there's anything that Mom knows how to do best, it's make sure everyone has had his or her fill.


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