Wedding throw-back: Vintage-inspired nuptials
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Wedding throw-back: Vintage-inspired nuptials

The wedding industry has been nothing less than burgeoning since yesteryear, but that doesn't mean incorporating a vintage theme will be devoid of all these fantastic new developments.

In fact, having a '40s or a '50s-themed wedding can be the ultimate way to embrace the new, as styles and trends are constantly coming back in cycles and there is often nothing more glamorous than celebrating in old Hollywood style.

Encourage guests to come dressed in A-line skirts and checkered suits. Women will have fun emulating wavy pin-up girl curls, and men will look quite dapper with their hair slicked back.

Silver wedding bells and mint julep cups will be the ultimate throwback in the form of table centerpieces, and guests will love sipping original Manhattans and bourbon on the rocks.

For the ultimate stylistic flourish, print your wedding programs onto vintage, lacy wedding fans. Guests will feel right at home fanning themselves like old Hollywood stars and starlets. Better yet, it's the perfect piece of memorabilia to commemorate your event for many, many years to come.


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