Weighing the merits of a themed wedding
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2

Weighing the merits of a themed wedding

When it comes down to it, every wedding has a basic theme - for lack of a better word - love. But whether some couples take the personalization thing to its logical extreme or plan their wedding around a shared interest, the themed wedding is a burgeoning phenomenon that you either gotta love or hate.

The writers at Marie Claire seem to be of the opinion that these are passing fads. "Common interest and shared hobbies may have brought the bride and groom together, but a wedding isn't the ideal place to pay tribute to a mutual love for extreme sports, Disney characters, Vulcans, or The Lord of the Rings," the news source states.

But if a wedding is supposed to truly represent a couple, why shouldn't they treat it like the interior of their first apartment? All the wares, color schemes, activities and favorite playlists that they themselves would choose to be surrounded with?

No one's stopping you from planning an Avatar-themed wedding if that's what you've got your sights set on (though we have seen such hilarious attempts). Thinking you'd rather opt for the best of both worlds? Offering guests personalized wedding favors is one way to incorporate your own private touch without going totally overboard.


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