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What a real-life Valentine's Day wedding might look like

Once again this year, betrothed couples took each other's hands and exchanged vows on the most romantic of holidays.

If you've ever dreamed of having a Valentine's Day wedding, you might be interested to know what some couples across the country did for their own version of a February 14 shindig.

According to MSNBC.com, some people participated in mass weddings featuring as many as 560 couples, while others took a skilift to get married or renew vows atop a mountain. One couple in London even got married submerged in a fish tank at their favorite aquarium.

The moral of the story? When planning a Valentine's Day themed wedding, you really don't have to be boxed in by any sort of convention, although featuring a few pink and red accents and having a number of cupid-inspired details is always nice.

Offering guests heart-shaped measuring spoons or tea infusers will be an appreciated gesture. Make sure to have plenty of jordan almonds and mini hearts candy around to satisfy everyone's craving for sweetness on this holiday.