What are the odds of a family-shared birthday?
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

What are the odds of a family-shared birthday?

Wouldn't it be weird to marry someone who shared the same birthday as you?

Or even more bizarre if the two of you had a baby, and your little one was born on the same day?

According to AOL News, the chances of this happening are about 1 in 133,225, but Jamal and Tiara White of St. Paul, Minnesota, seem to be that one special case. The couple just had a beautiful baby boy on November 24, marking the birth of their first child as well as both of their own birthdays.

They're sure to be in for some interesting party-planning from now on, especially since the celebrations will have to have something for everyone. Both kids and adults will enjoy custom candy jars or edible treats, and there are fall-themed birthday party decorations that will inspire guests of all ages.

Still, the kids might be having most of the fun for awhile.

The Whites told the news source they were hoping Jamal Jr. could get his own special day, but that the "focus will be on him" for a while. And while this occurrence may seem bizarre to most, according to KARE-TV, Jamal thinks it has to be "just fate!" How else could it be that the couple also shared the same last name before they married?


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