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What do you bring to a baby shower these days?

Onesies and rattles are virtually no-brainers for those scrambling to put together a baby shower gift, but what if you want to break out of the mould?

Whether or not you know if it's a boy or a girl, steering away from pink or blue-themed baby shower gifts can be one way to get you to start thinking creatively. After all, it's far too easy to fall back on the gender crutch. Instead, why not buy things in green or yellow? Babies look cute no matter what color they're wearing, and this will give the new mom the option of re-using it if she winds up having another on the way.

The new parents will see no end to the diaper-shopping, so while helping them stock up is always appreciated, why not give them something they'll remember? Find a toy that'll stimulate the baby's developing curiosity, especially if it's educational or artistic.

Finally, adding a personal touch will be remembered for years to come, so giving a sentimental toy that means something to you will be worth its weight in gold.