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What to bring to your best girl's bridal shower

In the midst of all the event-planning, ladies coordinating a surprise bridal shower for their soon-to-be-wedded friend may find that they're coming up short on ideas when it comes to the actual gifts.

You may know your friend like the back of your hand, but unless she has some sort of distinctive hobby or unnatural obsession for all things purple, she may be difficult to shop for.

If you're drawing a blank, here's a few suggestions that just about any shower attendee can default to.

Most women will love to be pampered with personalized spa toiletry bags, personalized bath wraps or terry cloth spa slippers. If your friend has a purse obsession, go for personalized cosmetic bags or a monogram damask lined tote bag. Then again, if you know she's headed to a beachy paradise for her honeymoon, get her something she can enjoy on the sands, such as a personalized satin travel pillow or embroidered canvas beach totes.
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