What to give a polar bear for his birthday
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2

What to give a polar bear for his birthday

Knut the polar bear has enjoyed a celebrity status in Germany ever since he was rejected at birth and raised by zookeepers.

That may explain the 250 guests who attended his fourth birthday party at the Berlin Zoo on Sunday (don't worry, it makes us feel understaffed in the friend department too).

The festivities included lavish servings of meat and fish, bread, fruit and fish bestowed upon Knut by his adoring fans, and a birthday cake shaped like the number four, which Knut joyfully demolished while guests sang Happy Birthday, reports The Press Association.

Bears love treats - any unfortunate camper can attest to that - but what would you give to a polar bear if you really thought about it?

Perhaps personalized honey jar favors would have been a fun handout for guests, who could have then delighted in feeding Knut his favorite treat. Teddy bear photo stands and cupcake candles would have been a surefire way to decorate the event, though we're sure Knut would have noticed the cupcake more than any of the decor.


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