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What would the world's most lavish wedding involve?

We're willing to bet that plenty of you have at least entertained the idea of what a super lavish wedding would look like. What with all the commotion surrounding the upcoming royal nuptials, the air is thicker than ever with talk of fairytale marriages.

According to E! Online, Kate and William may soon be joining the list of A-listers famed for their extravagant ceremonies.

Perhaps there won't be an Armani-only dress code like there was at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's wedding or a Michael Jackson chameo like there was at (one of) Elizabeth Taylor's proceedings. We could see there maybe being large helpings of caviar and Cristal a la Donald Trump, though we think Elton John is much more likely to perform than Tony Bennet or Billy Joel.

Whatever it is that goes down at such a high-profile event, we're sure that the wedding favors would really be something to write home about - perhaps each guest would receive an expensive watch or an ornamental wine bottle opener. Not that there's anything wrong with regular brownie favor pops, but in this case, they'd have to be topped with flakes of 24-karat gold.
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