What you can do to make planning a baby shower a breeze
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2

What you can do to make planning a baby shower a breeze

Planning a baby shower is by no means a simple task - you have a lot of work to do to put the whole thing together, including writing out the guest list, deciding on a theme, choosing fun games to play and preparing food for everyone. Are you feeling intimidated yet? Don't fret too much - with a bit of ingenuity and proactive thinking, you can ease the burden on yourself quite a bit. Here are a few tips to help get your planning on the right track.

1. The guest list. One good idea is to figure out if mom is going to be attending any other showers in the near future. Other than her immediate family members, you aren't obligated to invite other people you may not know. This can help you cut down the guest list quite a bit, which will make preparing everything else that much easier. When you've assembled your motley crew, order and print out baby shower invitations and get them in the mailbox!

2. Games. Keeping everyone happy and entertained can be a bit tricky, since you can't account for everyone's tastes very easily. However, there are a few tried and true activities that will be sure to please all who attend the shower. A baby shower trivia game could be a great way to get all of your guests engaged and laughing with one another. Fill their sheets with questions about the mother and father to-be. You could even encourage everyone to write down their hopes and expectations for the baby, which is a nice way to get her friends and family thinking about the future.

3. Favors. Who says mom has to be the only one receiving gifts? Why not see your guests off with a delightful bag filled with fun goodies? Fill them with personalized little notebook favors and personalized baby shower Hershey's chocolate bars. It's a nice gesture that everyone will definitely appreciate, so go ahead and stuff those bags to the brim.



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