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What's the deal with diaper cakes?

On first glance, it may sound like a wholly unappetizing dessert, but diaper cakes are the newest sweet thing when it comes to planning baby showers - and no, there are no forks involved with this one.

Dozens of diapers are rolled up and formed into the shape of a cake, which is then decorated with toys, nappies and virtually any other baby item you can think of. These basically act as wonderfully inventive table centerpieces that guests can either hang their gifts upon or admire from afar. After the shindig is over, the new mom will undoubtedly have way more fun dismantling it and putting it to good use.

Order a polka dots personalized baby diaper cake online and let the decorating begin - you can scrawl the baby's name on the cake if the guest of honor has a moniker picked out - if not, you can write your own custom message. How you decorate it is totally up to you of course, and the cake is a fun part of any decor because it can evolve and change as the event goes on.