What's the meaning of a ribbon bouquet?
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

What's the meaning of a ribbon bouquet?

Ever wondered if there was a better use for all the left-over giftwrap following a bridal shower? If you're in the planning stages of an upcoming soiree for your newly engaged friend and wouldn't mind to waste a little less this go-round, here's one bridal shower tradition that's both smart and ceremonial.

The ribbon bouquet or hat is "a favored tradition, originally thought to bring luck and good fortune (and provide the bride with giftwrapping embellishments to be used in wrapping presents in the first year of marriage)," according to North Branford Patch.

This involves saving the ribbons and choice pieces of giftwrap from the presents the bride unwraps and turning it into a crafty piece - the news source writes that a bouquet can double as an item a bride can carry with her down the aisle during rehearsals, but no matter how you choose to spin it, the meaning and significance of all those well wishes will stay the same.

You can continue in this vein with your giftwrap choices for your bridal shower favors as well. Stick with environmentally conscious options such as eco-friendly tote bag favors or personalized natural cotton party favor bags.


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