What's your way of honoring the 'something old' mandate?
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

What's your way of honoring the 'something old' mandate?

With so many brides getting hitched each year, it's fun to think about the heirloom pieces being carried down the aisle time and time again. Whether or not every woman adheres to the "something old" verse of the age-old marriage refrain, there's bound to be plenty that take this tradition to heart.

Katy Perry became one of them after she wore her grandmother's earrings to her walk down the aisle to meet now-hubby Russell Brand.

"My grandma gave me some earrings she wore on her wedding day, which my cousin wore to her wedding and I wore on my wedding day," the pop star explained to Bang Showbiz. "I like things that have stories behind them."

According to the news source, Perry has been a fan of raiding other people's jewelry collections since she was little - her youthful trips to vintage stores are now merely replaced with forays into Russell's own collection of trinkets.

And even if you don't have something you can personally wear down the aisle, you can still honor tradition by using vintage heirloom items passed down through your family as table centerpieces. Paired with assorted crystal diamond table decorations to herald the new, you'll have the best of every timeline.


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